As at 13/10/21 - Registrations for the 2021/2022 season are on hold as we await community sport advice from NSW Health & the Office of Sport

COVID Procedures

This page will be updated regularly as advice and restrictions change.

1.Follow the Dept of Health guidelines

  • #do not attend if, in the preceding 14 days, you or anyone in your family has become unwell or . had flu-like symptoms or has been in contact with a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19.
  • #do not attend if you have visited a NSW Health identified COVID-19 case hotspot in the preceding 14 days.
  • #do not attend if you are at a high risk from a health perspective.
  • #as much as practicable at events maintain at least 1.5m physical distance between adults.
  • #only one adult per family to volunteer in any one age group.

2. Check In ALL Attendees

  • #we will be visited by authorities to ensure we are under the designated participantion limit. You put us at risk of being shut down or fined if you fail to check in using the QR codes placed around KGO. 

3. Volunteer Or Leave

  • #Please volunteer via the sign up link to be one of the 20 parents/carers assisting for each age group
  • #NO SPECTATORS ALLOWED. To have as many athletes competing as possible we can only have 20 adults per age group. You put us at risk of being shut down or fined if you fail to leave KGO as you will be counted as one of the permitted 500.

4. Wash & Sanitise

  • #Please visit one of our hand sanitiser stations when you arrive at KGO
  • #Wash/sanitise your hands after visiting the toilet & before handling any food or visiting the canteen

5. Sorry, No Sharing

  • #Please bring and carry your own drink bottles, there will be no group buckets of bottles
  • #No food can be shared or given to others
  • #Birthday cakes & celebration items stay at home 

6. Keep to your BUBBLE !!!

  • #each age group's athletes and adults need to remain as one group throughout the morning and not mingle with any other age group.
  • #please meet at your age group's flag each Saturday
  • #keep separated if waiting at an event by going to the designated warm up area
  • #leave KGO as soon as your events have finished for the morning, or as LANSW have put it:

"get in, compete, get out"

7. Equipment at Field Events

  • #each field event area will have its own sanitising & cleaning station where you will collect all the equipment you will need to conduct your event.
  • #at least two people from each age group will need to use the gloves, sprays and wipes provided to clean all equipment prior to their event starting
  • #Shot, Discus, Javelins, field markers, tape measures, rakes, brooms, etc will all have to be wiped down between age groups for us to remain COVID compliant

8. Respect For All

  • #this whole situation is one none of us have experienced before and the committee have worked very hard to put these plans in place to enable us to get our season underway
  • #until we start we won't know how well things will run so please be patient in the first few weeks
  • #changes will be made as we fine-tune procedures and discover what has gone well and what requires a different approach
  • #as officials, volunteers, parents & carers, we're all involved in this to provide as safe and enjoyable an environment as possible for kids aged 5 to 16
  • #we thank you in advance for your assistance in following our new procedures. Without your help we won't be able to get through this season