State Relay Championships

The State Relay Championships is the largest event on the LANSW calendar. The championships are comprised entirely of relay events, both track and field, with either three (field) or four (track) athletes competeing in each relay event. This year the Championships will take place on Saturday, 18 November 2017 (U8-U11) and Sunday, 19 November 2017 (U12-U17) at the Athletics Centre, SOPAC, Homebush. 
The Final Timetable Of Events can be found via the highlighted link.
Our briefing note with selected teams and estimated call room times can be found here\
The full program can be accessed via this link to the LANSW State Relay Page
There are compulsory training sessions for all track teams in the weeks prior to this event.
Training Timetable:
Tuesday 8th          U11-17 HJ             U8-11 LJ            U8-11 SP
Thursday 10th       U11-17 TJ & LJ     U11-17 Jav        U11-17 Discus
Sunday 13th at the ES Marks Athletics Field, Anzac Pde, Kensington
                     9:15am     U8-11 4x100m    &  U8-11 Discus
                   10:15am     U12-17 4x100m  &  U12-17 Discus
Tuesday 15th         U11-17 HJ           U8-11 LJ               U8-11 SP             U8-11 Discus
Thursday 17th        U11-17 TJ & LJ   U11-17 Jav           U11-17 Throws TBC
Performances in each of the field events are allocated points based on the LANSW Multi-Event pointscore system. The performances of all three athletes in each team are added together to determine final results. Teams will only be given a final placing in the championships if all three athletes compete.
The relay teams will be chosen by the BLAC Championship Committee in consultation with each of the Age Managers. The aim is to select the most competitive teams that we can, whilst giving as many of our athletes as possible the opportunity to compete at SOPAC. Selections will take into account athlete rankings, consistency of performance and regularity of attendance at Saturday morning competitions, this is likely to be based on the information available after the club competition on Saturday, 22 October 2016.
Chosen atheletes will be contacted during the week following the cut-off date. Details about the relay training sessions will be provided.
Parent assistance on the age relevant day of the State Relay Championships is mandatory and a roster will be organised once athletes are selected.
Full centre uniform MUST be worn, with the age patch, newJetstar sponsors patch and registration number on the front of the uniform.
A timetable, and further information, will be available at NSW Little Athletics - go to  then to 'Championships' and 'State Relays Championships'.