As at 13/10/21 - Registrations for the 2021/2022 season are on hold as we await community sport advice from NSW Health & the Office of Sport

Points & Season Awards

Balmain Little Athletics Centre promotes an environment that encourages every athlete to do their best and improve upon their own individual performances. The Club presents weekly encouragement certificates in the junior age groups as well as awarding $100 Athletes Foot, Burwood vouchers three times in a season to the athlete with the most accumulated personal bests.

At the end of season presentation day six trophies are presented in each of the u6-u13 age groups. Three for “Most Improved” to the athletes with the most accumulated personal bests and three for “Age Champion” to the athletes with the highest accumulated points. Due to the smaller athlete numbers in the u14-u17 age groups, one of each trophy will be awarded where there are 10 or less athletes, two of each trophy where there are 11-20 athletes and three of each trophy where there are 21 or more athletes registered in an age group.

Each week every athlete’s attendance is recorded and one point is awarded for each event contested. Points are also awarded if an athlete equals or improves upon their personal best. Further points are awarded depending upon where an athlete finishes in each event. The total of these points determines the end of season Age Champion.

The point scoring system for all events is as the follows:

First Place 7 Points
Second Place 5 Points
Third Place 4 Points
Fourth Place 3 Points
Fifth Place 2 Points




All other competitors will receive one point on completing an event.

Personal Best (PB) points are awarded with 3 points for a new PB and 2 points for an equal PB. These points will be calculated separately and compiled for each athlete's end of year total.

The point score for all events is the overall result of the event. That is, if a child that placed third in heat 1 has a faster time than a child who wins heat 2, then the child in heat 1 will be placed higher overall than the winner of heat 2. In the event of a tie the athletes will be awarded the same points e.g. two athletes who have exactly the same distance in long jump and are tied for first place will both earn 7pts and the next athlete will be placed third with 4pts.  

Athletes who miss club competition because they are representing Balmain LAC at a clashing LANSW event can have PB and competition points credited to them by applying to the Committee. In this instance the athlete will be awarded double points when the program of events they were absent for is next conducted. If the athlete is absent at the next rotation of that program then no extra points will be credited to them. 

Season Awards

At the end of season Presentation Day the following awards will be made provided athletes meet the criteria of 75% attendance throughout the season

Age Champion Award -  First, second and third highest point earning girls and boys in U6-U13 age groups.

Most Improved Award - First, second and third highest PB point earning girl and boy in the U6-U13 age groups who are not the recipient of an Age Champion award.

Most Improved in Club - the first, second and third highest PB point earning girl and boy in the club, whether or not he or she is the recipient of any other Award

Point Score Champion - awarded to the athlete with the highest point score in the combined U6 - U7 age group and the combined U8-U17 age group

Seniors Award -U17 athletes who have reached their final year of little Athletics.

Participation Award - athletes who have met the 75% attendance requirement and who have not received an Age or Most Improved Award

Record Award - athletes who equal or better the Centre's track and field records. For the U17's, a record will be awarded if the performance is equal to, or better than, the set performance standard.

State Award - athletes who represented Balmain at the Little Athletics New South Wales State Track & Field Championships.

5 Year Award - for those athletes who have been members of the Centre for 5 years. This award will be presented on the completion of the 5th year of membership. When calculating years of attendance any time spent within the Tots program is counted as one year.

10 Year Award - for those athletes who have been members of the Centre for 10 years. This award will be presented on the completion of 10th year of membership.
Championship points will be awarded for each event each Saturday with the exception of those weeks which are stated as non-championship weeks.